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Medicare Advantage works

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- I'm Bernice and this is my husband, Pat I didn't know anything about Medicare. We've seen other people that had Medicare. And I also did some reading on Medicare and I knew it wasn't enough.


- My wife met an agent for medical insurance and he did such a good job for us. Everything worked out and whatever he told us to do seemed to work so well. He helped us every year. We sit down with him every year and he gives us some guidance on what the best plan is for us. And for the last... Since I've retired and it's been a couple of years now, that's the direction we've gone was with the MA plan because it fit our needs.


- I had a heart attack in 2018. And so, the Medicare Advantage plan covered most of the bill. It worked out well and I got really good care.


- The best part is there were no surprises after the fact when we got all the bills, what they said would be covered was covered. Well, needless to say, it was a very traumatic experience. Last thing I needed was to have problems with my insurance and to be arguing with somebody over a bill. And we never had any issues whatsoever


- Four times a year, each of us get a $50 worth of OTCs.


- It's medical supplies that you'd buy anyway. Tylenol, aspirin, stuff that you on a routine basis are going to be buying. So, we make sure we take advantage of that. It's a big perk.


- [Bernice] We received a gift card when the doctor came out to our home, we receive a gift card when we have our annual physical, another perk that we found was that they encourage exercising. And so, if you have some type of monitor, like a Fitbit.


- You sync the device with their system and they can monitor you. And whenever we hit our goal of 7,500 steps in a day, we get five bucks. I've got several phone calls asking, "Do you know about this benefit? Have you taken advantage of it?" So, I really like the proactive approach to contacting the customer and making sure that we know about the perks. They don't hide them from you just because it's gonna cost them money. I find it very simple to get ahold of them on the phone, which is very refreshing these days. And the folks that are on the phone, they're very cordial. I can understand what they're saying and it's been a pleasant experience.


- It's really simplified our medical.


- I think simply put, Medicare Advantage works.



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