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The Everett Clinic offers community-based, specialized care for children with ADHD led by Ron Okialda, ARNP. This personalized care is for children ages 4 through 18 who may have ADHD. Our care focuses on behavior that can affect learning and getting along with others.

Our specialized care for children with ADHD is offered in Harbour Pointe (Mukilteo) and Marysville.

I have a special interest in ADHD since this is an area that I can hopefully help my patient succeed in school. I strive to partner with my patient’s parents to come up with a care plan that meets their needs.

– Ron Okialda, ARNP Learn more about this provider
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How we work with you

  • To ask for a refill, please use MyChart, or call our office at 1-360-651-7492

    If it’s been six months since your child was seen, we’ll give you a one-month prescription and ask you to schedule a visit. We won’t be able to give you any more refills until we see your child.

    If your child has been off medicines for more than three to six months, we must see him/her before we can write you a prescription.

    If your child has been off medicines for more than one year, we must see him/her for a new evaluation before we can write you a prescription.

    Right now, most ADHD prescriptions are written. We can’t call them in to the pharmacy.  Each prescription is only good for a 30-day supply.

    Please call or send a message through MyChart at least three business days before your supply runs out.  A parent or an authorized representative may pick up and sign for the prescription.  You’ll need to show a photo ID when you pick it up.

  • Clinic visits are an important way for us to stay up-to-date on your child’s progress. Here's a brief description of important visits and when they need to happen.

    Medicine re-check: Three to four weeks after your child has been evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD.

    We’ll talk about how things are going and deal with any immediate problems. Your child might need to return for a few more visits until we feel that he or she is doing well on the medicine.

    Follow-up visit: Three to six months after the first evaluation.

    You’ll need to complete new parent and teacher forms for this visit (see forms under resources).

    If there are no major changes at the six-month follow up, your child should return for an ADHD follow-up visit every six months. These visits include follow-up forms from parents and teachers.

    If we need to change your child’s medicines at any six-month follow up, we may want to see your child again before the next follow-up visit.

    Well-care visit: Every year, if your child is on ADHD medicines.

    Your child must have a well-care exam every year to keep getting his or her ADHD medicines.

    If you need help scheduling follow-up visits, send us a message through MyChart. Or call 1-360-651-7492.


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