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To schedule a hand surgery and therapy virtual care visit or to talk about your care, call 1-425-339-5470.

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Our expert hand surgeons and staff are here to help you with your hand and upper extremity disorders and injuries.

We can help with:

  • Acute (serious) hand injuries and infections 
  • Arthritic and long-term hand problems (arthritis is a painful problem with tenderness and swelling in the joints or where two bones comes together)
  • Ligament (a strong band of tissue that holds your joints together) injuries
  • Hand, wrist and elbow trauma
  • Dupuytren’s contracture (a hand problem that bends fingers)
  • de Quervain's tendonitis (a painful problem involving the tendons or connecting tissue between the thumb and wrist)
  • Nerve compression, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (painful numbness and tingling in hand, wrist and arm)
  • Ulnar nerve compression (painful numbness and tingling in forearm and some fingers)
  • Thumb-based arthritis
  • Trigger finger (a problem of pain and stiffness in finger)

Depending on your hand problem, we may help you with splinting (using equipment to keep an injured part of body still), steroid injections (shots) and surgery.

Certified hand therapists (CHT) must have over 4,000 hours of direct patient care in hand therapy and be in practice for at least five years before they can sit for the CHT exam. Exam passage rates are less than 60%.


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