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Most people think of cosmetic or aesthetic goals when they think of cosmetic or facial care, or care done to improve how you look. But that's not the case. Most cosmetic or facial care isn't just cosmetic, but reconstructive. These types of treatments are also done to improve how your body works in everyday life.

We offer a full variety of ways to help you at our Everett, Edmonds and Smokey Point locations.

Contact us to schedule a time to come in and talk with our team:

Some ways we can help you include: 

  • Injectables
  • Botox® and Dysport®
  • Fillers
  • PRP
Accordion Block v2

Frequently asked questions

  • Fillers give volume to the skin while Botox and Dysport weaken muscles to help with lines and wrinkles in the following areas:

    • Between the eyebrows
    • Along the neck
    • Across the forehead
    • Around the eyes (crow's feet)

    Fillers are often used for:

    • Helping with lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nasolabial folds
    • Adding volume to the lips, cheeks, temples and jawline
  • Botox and Dysport usually start helping three to seven days after you get the shots and last for three to six months. The volume from fillers can be seen right away and lasts six to eighteen months, depending on the filler and location. 

  • Your provider will talk with you about the areas you want to improve and help you decide. 

  • The number of shots varies greatly by the area you're looking to improve.

  • The common number of units is listed under cost. Final cost will depend on consultation. The following are only estimates based on Botox units and the average patient.  Male patients generally need larger doses to have similar results.

    Each Botox vial is only used for one patient. There is a 10 u (units) or $140 minimum for any Botox injection (shot). The following prices are starting points. Costs may be more.

    • Glabellar frown lines, 20–30 u, $280 and up
    • Horizontal forehead lines, 10–30u, $140 and up
    • Crow’s feet, 16–24 u, $384 and up
    • Lateral brow lift, 4–6 u, $56 and up
    • Chemical brow lift, at least 16 u, $384 and up
    • Bunny lines, 4–6 u, $56 and up
    • Nasal tip lift, 2 u, $28 and up
    • Nasal flare, 10 u, $140 and up
    • Elevate (lift) corner of mouth, 4–10 u, $56 and up
    • Gummy smile, 2–4 u, $28 and up
    • Dimpled chin, 4–10 u, 56 and up
    • Platysmal banding, 15 u, per band $370 and up
    • Masseter hypertrophy, 50 u, $700 (may be covered by insurance)
    • Parotid gland, 20–30 u, $280 and up (may be covered by insurance)
    • Sweat (underarms, hands), 25–50 u, per area $350 and up 
  • In Washington state, you need to be one of the following to be able to inject fillers, Botox and Dysport:

    • Surgeon or medical doctor (MD, DO)
    • Advanced practitioner (ARNP, PA)
    • General dentist or nurse (RD, LPN)

    Please review your injector’s credentials and training.