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Your coordinated team for wellness

Our goal is to help you stay as active and healthy as possible in the coming years. We offer primary care tailored to your needs, coordinated with all other aspects of your care. Our approach to health care results in:

  • Reduced hospital visits
  • Fewer prescriptions
  • Improved quality of life

Find a licensed insurance agent. Call 1-866-415-7402 (TTY 711). 

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Medicare frequently asked questions

  • Medicare has a window of time around your 65th birthday when you can sign up. It starts three months before the month you turn 65. It ends three months after the month you turn 65. It’s called your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period.

  • It’s important to take action during this window of time. If you don’t, you might need to pay a late fee (called late enrollment penalty). Or, you might have a gap where you're not covered for a while. To learn more, visit

  • You may. It depends on your employer’s insurance. Talk to the insurance plan. Find out if it works with Medicare. Some plans do, and you may be able to save on health care costs. 

  • You may qualify for Medicare if you have an employer health plan. Or, you may find switching to a Medicare plan could save you money. Talk to a licensed insurance agent to find out how Medicare could work for you. 

  • It depends on your plan. Call the plan and ask whether it covers you at the new address.  If it doesn’t, the insurance company may be able to switch you to a plan that does.

  • Your health matters. That’s why we put an entire team to work for you. Our team is on your side, focused on helping you feel your best.

    We take pride in helping our patients feel as if they are part of a family — a place where they can feel at home. By putting a team on your side, our medical professionals have the support they need to focus on what matters most — on you.

    The Everett Clinic is part of Optum, a care delivery organization that improves patient health and helps make health care work better.


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